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After completing engineering Harshad was placed as a Business Analyst, but this job didn’t really work for him. He wanted to gain expertise in the IT field. At this point in their career, he found Simplilearn’s Full Stack Java Development Program the most prominent one. After he completed the course on Full Stack Java Development, he was provided with five various opportunities from Simplilearn. He made most of these opportunities and was placed in Mycom OSI as a software engineer.

A big shout-out to those who showed resilience, and persistence and kept moving forward, even during trying times. Harshad chose to upskill, turning the challenge into an opportunity and coming out victorious. Know his upskilling story in his own words.

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About Full Stack Full Stack Java Developer Program:
The Full Stack Java Developer Job Guarantee Program is an intense Bootcamp, in partnership with HIRIST and HackerEarth, that offers a complete suite of full-stack development skills. Complete the course to master these skills and get a guaranteed job with a median pay of 9 LPA

Key Features:
✅ 8X higher engagement in live online classes by industry experts
✅ Learn 30+ cutting-edge tools like SQL, Java, etc.
✅ Sandboxed cloud labs for real-time application development
✅ Build real-world applications like Amazon, Walmart, etc.
✅ Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training
✅ Career mentoring through live sessions with industry experts
✅ Land a job within 6 months of graduation
✅ Premium Job placements from top Tech and internet companies
✅ Women-only cohorts in collaboration with JobsforHer
✅ 5+ networking & expert-led mentorship sessions for women by JobsForHer
✅ Industry-recognized certification

Skills Covered:
✅ AgileJava
✅ Hibernate and JPA
✅ Spring Core 5.0
✅ DevOps
✅ HTML5 and CSS3
✅ JavaScript ES6
✅ Servlets

What is MEAN Stack?
The term MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. MongoDB is a database system, Express is a back-end web framework, Angular.js is a front-end framework, and Node.js is a back-end runtime environment.

Can I become a full-stack developer without a degree?
You can always learn the concepts of full-stack development on your own to become a full-stack developer without a degree. However, having a formal degree in full-stack development will undoubtedly help you beef up your CV and give you an added edge over other candidates. Moreover, a formal degree provides structured learning and helps learners gain real work experience through various real-world industry projects.

Is full-stack development a good career?
Pursuing a career in full-stack development is worthwhile because companies are desperately looking for developers who are skilled in handling any situation and who can take care of both front-end and back-end development. Companies are also offering high salaries to full-stack developers.

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How to Make Money Online With a Blog

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How to Make Money Online With a Blog

You can make money online by writing about niche topics. Brands seek writers with an insider’s perspective to write about their products. Writing about your niche can be a side gig or your primary source of income. Some side gigs are more permanent than others, so it’s important to decide if it will be a long-term endeavor. But it can be a great way to supplement your income while you work full-time.

The Flying Paper is a great guide to making money online. It contains business growth hacks and tools that you can use to start an online business. It also discusses home-based jobs and quick ways to make money online. You can start your own blog by sharing coupons from sites like Coupon Chief. If you want to earn money while doing something you love, try starting your own online business. Make sure to stick with it and you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

Another way to make money online is to become a freelancer. Freelance jobs are very lucrative, and there are many sites that allow you to get started with minimal effort. You can get clients for specific jobs or you can offer general services to a variety of clients. For freelance writing jobs, you can join sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. You can also try writing articles for other people to sell on sites like Amazon.

Starting a blog requires dedication. You have to spend time researching the market for the niche you want to focus on. If you want to make money from your blog, you can focus on improving your keyword optimization, growing your Facebook page, answering questions on Quora, creating videos on YouTube, or starting a popular podcast. While these tasks can be difficult, they will pay off in the long run. If you can do the work, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful online blogger.

Blogging requires high-quality content, but once you’ve established an audience and can start making money, you can monetize your blog with ads. Using an interesting topic, like cooking, will increase your chances of earning money from blogging. Using Google to search for your keywords will give you an idea of how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords. You’ll want to choose a topic you enjoy writing about, but also be aware that big name brands usually dominate the first page of search results.

eCommerce used to be a labor-intensive process, but it has become one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your blog. Using loyalty programs to reward customers and refer friends is a great way to amp up the message. Besides selling products, eCommerce channels spread the word of mouth, so you’re sure to gain a large audience in no time. For example, a fitness blog aimed at stay-at-home moms can generate over $9k a month through sponsored posts.

If you have skills in design, consider becoming a TikTok consultant. This job allows you to help brands establish a presence on TikTok. You’ll earn commissions from the sale of these products. You can also make money online through dropshipping, which is a growing trend in the internet business. One store owner made six figures selling just one product and did so within eight weeks. However, this opportunity is still young and not for everyone.

Translation is an under-served niche. To qualify for this job, you should speak at least two languages fluently. This is particularly useful if you have a degree in a language and have experience translating texts. Some companies even conduct translation tests before hiring you. This way, you can make $30 per hour without having to invest too much time in a translator. You will receive paid payments every two weeks or so. But the downside is that the projects go quickly and you may not have much time to finish them.

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money online. This method has fluctuated in popularity, but it’s worth checking out if it’s right for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money simply by promoting another brand. The products you promote may be retail products, apps, or software. You can also promote a number of different brands on your website or blog. A single blog post can contain several affiliate links. You’ll be able to earn a substantial amount of money by simply promoting a couple of brands.

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