Heap Data Structure Tutorial | Min Heap And Max Heap Explained | C Language Tutorial | Simplilearn

Heap Data Structure Tutorial | Min Heap And Max Heap Explained | C Language Tutorial | Simplilearn

This video by Simplilearn will explain to you about Heap Data Structure Tutorial. Heap Data Structure Tutorial For Beginners will explain to you the types of heap data structures in c. heap insertion and deletion operation with examples. This C programming tutorial will cover both theoretical and practical demonstrations for a better learning experience.

The video will cover the following concepts:
1:00 What Is Heap Data Structure in C?
2:29 Types of Heap Data Structure in C
4:34 Heap Insertion Operation
5:06 Heap Deletion Operation

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What Is Heap Data Structure in C?

In c programming, Heap is a complete tree-based data structure following a specific order. A heap consists of a root node/ parent node and a child node.
The way roots are necessary for a tree. Similarly, a root node is very important in a heap. The element of a root node is always greater than or equal to its children nodes, or it can be smaller than or equal to its child node.

Max heap
In a max heap, the element of the root node must be greater than or equal to the elements of its children’s nodes.

Min heap
The root node element of the min heap is lesser than or equal to its children node.

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