How To Change Lower Case To Upper Case In Excel? | Excel Training | Excel For Beginners| Simplilearn

How To Change Lower Case To Upper Case In Excel? | Excel Training | Excel For Beginners| Simplilearn

This video on how to change Lower Case to Upper Case in excel by simplilearn will guide you through alpbetical caase mangement in excel. In data analytics, at times you might have to deal with a set of aphabetical data that needs to be following a specific case. If the same data has numerous columns, then managing it could be time consuming. in such events, the Case Sesitive functions in Excel can come to the rescue. =LOWER() and =UPPER() functions in excel will help you ion the right way to manipulate and maintain aphabetical case sensitivity in Excel.

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There are no prerequisites for this Business Analytics certification training other than an analytical mindset. However, we do expect the participants to have a basic knowledge of working with Microsoft Excel.

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