Manuel and Rafael’s DevOps Career Success Journey With Simplilearn | Simplilearn Reviews

Manuel and Rafael's DevOps Career Success Journey With Simplilearn | Simplilearn Reviews

Get huge success in the career with Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in DevOps. Check the description box for more details :

🔥Post Graduate Program in DevOps:

Manuel and Rafael are brothers who love to do things together. So they decided to take a course on DevOps from Simplilearn. The course proved very beneficial to both their careers, Manuel got a promotion after the course, and Rafael was hired by a new company. Manuel is a mechanical engineer as been working in a company for four years. In 2020, he came to know that his company is in the hiring process for the DevOps infrastructure team. At that time he was working as an implementation specialist and his colleagues recommended that he should take a course in DevOps if he wants to be a part of the DevOps infrastructure team. He started his research, at the same time Manuel discovered that Rafael is also looking for a DevOps course. Rafael got to know about Simplilearn’s DevOps Post Graduate Program through Instagram. Rafael was looking for a change in their career something which is related to programming and automation. So he decided to take up Simplilearn’s DevOps Post Graduate Program. However, the trust in Caltech CTME was one of their deciding factors to take up this course. In July 2021 both completed the course and received their certification. In November 2021 Rafael got hired as a GIS developer, at the same time Manuel got promoted to DevOps Infrastructure Team with a 21% salary hike.
This was the story of success for Manuel and Rafael. If you are on the way to the journey of success enroll in the Post Graduate Program in DevOps from Simplilearn!

About Post Graduate Program in DevOps:
DevOps certification course, designed in collaboration with Caltech CTME, prepares you for a career in DevOps, bridging the gap between software developers and operations teams. Our unique Blended Learning combines live DevOps online training classes and interactive labs to give you job-ready skills.

Key Features:
✅ Caltech CTME Post Graduate Certificate
✅ Receive up to 25 CEUs from Caltech CTME upon course completion
✅ Master classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor
✅ Online Convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
✅ Capstone project in 3 domains
✅ Enrolment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist
✅ Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
✅ 8X higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts
✅ 20+ real-life projects in integrated labs
✅ Caltech CTME Circle Membership

Skills Covered:
✅ DevOps Methodology
✅ Configuration Management
✅ Continuous Integration
✅ Containerization
✅ Continuous Delivery
✅ DevOps on Cloud
✅ Source Control
✅ Deployment Automation
✅ Cloud Platforms

Eligibility Criteria:
✅ Prior work experience is not mandatory
✅ A bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
✅ Can be from a programming or non-programming background

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