Selective Repeat ARQ Explained | Selective Repeat Protocol | Networking Tutorial | Simplilearn

Selective Repeat ARQ Explained | Selective Repeat Protocol | Networking Tutorial | Simplilearn

In this video on ‘Selective Repeat ARQ Protocol’, we will look into the working of the data sharing method between sender and the receiver side by, performing the selective repeat method, and retransmt only the damaged frame from sender to the receiver side and prevent excess use of bandwidth.

Topics covered in this video on ‘Selective Repeat ARQ Protocol’ are:
1. Recap
2. What Is Selective Repeat ARQ Protocol?
3. Important Points About the Protocol
4. Working of the Protocol
5. SRP vs GBN Protocol

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Go Back N ARQ Expalined
This network topic, covers the importance of applying the Go Back N ARQ protocol, with the basis of sliding window protocol. It will also cover the working of the protocol, with well defined example which will soldify our understanding of the topic.

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